My yearning for travelling

I’ve been travelling all over the world during my days in the Air Force, but mostly for official business. My yearning was really for overland travel where I believe I’d be able to see more of the beauty of this world with the different people, religions, cultures and lifestyles.  I got that opportunity in 2005 when my Rotary Club of Pudu was having a charity drive project from KL to London overland. I was to join up with an experienced team of 4×4 overlanders in a convoy of 16 Toyota Landcruisers. It so happened that I was the only Rotarian and the rest were strangers. Fortunately my wife paid for my son Zaki, to accompany me.  It was good for him too, to learn about the world first hand.

Having been bitten by this travel bug, I decided that I’d do at least one trip per year, either 4×4 or family trips. As a retiree, I have time on hand. Money? Well, since my children are all grown up, had adequate education and venturing out on their own, they should therefore be quite capable of making their own wealth. Hence, I felt quite justified to liquidate what few assets I have to pay for all these 4×4 trips. As the saying goes “money in the bank is not yours unless you can spend it.

So, wef 2005, I have done the following trips:

  • 2005 Aug – KL-London Rallyton
  • 2006 Oct – Canaling in England
  • 2007 Aug – Istanbul to Tehran Overland
  • 2008 Jan – Trans Africa II Overland Cape Town to Mombassa
  • 2008 Dec – South America II Overland Lima to Caracas to Cartagena
  • 2011 May – Trans Africa IV Overland Dar es Salaam to Cairo
  • 2012 Apr – Italian holiday family trip
  • 2012 Sep – Spanish holiday family trip
  • 2012 Dec – Tunisian holiday family trip
  • 2013 Oct – Trans-Outback Australia 2013
  • 2014 Sep – Trans-Siberia 2014

I’ve published photobooks or coffee-table books on each of the journeys.  I’d now like to share these books with those participants interested to recollect the memories of the adventures of our lifetime. Please feel free to inquire about the books by penning a Reply.  Thank you.

photobooks printed

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